Rekindle x Tim Kang Films

A couple friends and I wanted to take advantage of our week off to go someplace beautiful. We've never been to Yosemite in the spring so we thought it'd be nice to make a visit! It was literally so breathtaking.. I wish everyone was able to experience it with us.. Photos of that are on the way but here are some photos of a mini-styled shoot that we threw together for fun. My friend Tim is a videographer (Tim Kang Films), my cousin Julia is a florist/event coordinator (Rekindle Creative), and my older sister Sammie is beautiful (Ford Models LOL JK).. LOL So we put all those components together and produced this! TA - DA!

It was a 6 hour struggle getting the bouquet from Fullerton to Mariposa.. After spilling some water and trying not to crush the bouquet, the bouquet successfully made it through the car ride~ YAY! We were originally going to shoot in the Yosemite Valley but took advantage of the 300 acre land our Airbnb was on. Yes... 300 acres of privately owned beautiful land!! Couldn't get over how beautiful it was. The weather was unpredictable. It went from sunny to hail in like 7 seconds.. But luckily we got our shots in before the hail came : ) 

Overall, we had a blast. The Airbnb ended up being a perfect backdrop and Banjo, the Airbnb dog, added the perfect touch : ) 

More pictures from Yosemite coming soon!

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