Mother's Day

Although mother’s day may seem like such a simple day to celebrate the love and life of a mom, it’s so much more complex than that, right? For some, it could be a painful reminder of the absence of a mother. . . For some it could be the aching pain of not being able to be a mother. For others it might be the reminder of a broken relationship. 

For those who are hurting today, I just want to say that you are not alone and that you are so very strong!!
For those who are blessed with someone to love today, I say go hug them real tight and remind them how much you love them.
And to all the moms out there who literally have the hardest job ever, happy mother’s day. You guys are awesome and deserved to be celebrated today!

On a side note:
I did a mini shoot with KK to make my mom a special picture of her~ Here are some photos from it—nothing fancy! With some flowers from the backyard and my trusty semi-broken iPhone, I present to you Kayden at age 3.5!

Dedicated to my beautiful umma, Sandy Byon.